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The man behind uniek Creates

Founded in 2016 by Jake Miles. Uniek Creates is a young innovative website design, graphic design, and marketing agency based in Bromley, Kent.

Jake’s passion for design started at the age of 13 years old after being inspired by a graphic design speed art on YouTube. So, for his 14th Birthday, Jake purchased himself a computer and Adobe Photoshop. Self-teaching himself by watching countless hours of online tutorials.

Over the years Jake gained experience designing in the YouTube gaming community; building social media banners and working for ‘eSportsNation’.

At 17 years old, Jake would decide A-Levels weren’t quite right for him, leaving school to pursue an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing. During his apprenticeship, Jake worked for a local design and advertising agency. Here Jake was able to diversify his skillset learning, gaining experience in website design & development, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing and PPC advertising.

In 2016 Jake founded Uniek Creates. Since then the business has gone from strength to strength, offering digital design and marketing services to a diverse range of local businesses - from sports clubs to used car dealers.

At the forefront of our business is quality customer service. Providing a full service from design to delivery. Understanding our clients and helping them reach their design and marketing goals.

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Uniek Creates is a digtial design and marketing agency based in Bromley, South East London. Striving with local businesses for the best.